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VOC-Compliance: No Hype - Just The Facts

VOCPROvantage Group

VOC is an acronym for volatile organic compound. It is these compounds that react with atmospheric ozone, along with particulate, to form smog. Smog is thought to be a major contributor to air pollution and health problems, such as asthma. There has been significant effort over the past several years to reduce the amount of VOC's released into the air.


VOC limits were initially developed by the California Air Resource Board, or CARB, as a response to the pollution concerns in southern California. This group basically set VOC limitations on several product categories, including adhesives and sealants. This initiative quickly spread and caught the eye of other states that also wanted to lower their VOC emissions.


One group, in particular, took the lead; the Ozone Transportation Commission, or OTC, was developed by several states in the Northeast part of the country. This group based many of their VOC limitations on the original CARB regulations, and all of their member states were soon regulated. There are two basic regulations; consumer (products that are 16 oz. or less) and commercial (products larger than 16 oz.)

Over the past few years, more states have chosen to become VOC regulated, while others have legislation pending. Below is a map highlighting the states that have adopted the consumer and/or commercial VOC regulations.


Simply put, VOC compliance can be defined as meeting state VOC regulatory laws. This typically means that an adhesive or sealant contains a level of VOCs less than the stated limitation. Below is a chart highlighting the VOC regulations followed by all states, with the exception of the Southcoast District of California.


State VOC Laws Map

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