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PROvantage FAQs

As PROvantage Construction  Adhesives have been developed utilizing a patent-pending, advanced solvent  technology and manufacturing process, you may have a question regarding  performance, application or compliance.   Below are the most commonly asked questions about PROvantage.  If you don’t see your question/answer below,  we encourage you to contact our Technical Support Team at 1-800-347-4583.  With over 60 years of combined adhesive  expertise, they will be able to assist you with any question you may have.

What is the technology behind PROvantage?

Franklin International is one of the few adhesive manufacturers that is vertically-integrated. We are prime in developing and manufacturing the polymers that make up the glues, adhesives and sealants that we offer. This unique ability gives Franklin an advantage of innovating an advanced polymer, solvent-based formula that offers superior performance and VOC-compliance in one technology. It is a proprietary and patent-pending formulation and process.

How does it work?

PROvantage works just as any solvent-based construction adhesive works. The solvent serves as a carrying agent and after evaporation, the advanced polymer formulation leaves a strong, durable bond that remains flexible and will not become brittle over time.

Is it VOC-compliant in all markets?

YES! All PROvantage products are 100% VOC-compliant in all U.S. States, and below the most stringent standards in the country, including LEED and CARB, which are currently at < 50g/L VOC.

Can it be classified as GREEN?

By VOC standards, yes. By Franklin International’s standards, no. Although it complies with LEED and CARB VOC-regulations, we are currently hesitant to market the PROvantage line as green. However, extensive development work is planned, with the objective of having this technology comply with the GS-36 Standard.

What is the shelf life?

Most construction adhesives, including PROvantage, can last more than a year in an unopened cartridge; however, we state a shelf life of one year for peak performance.

How does it perform in hot / cold weather?

Extremely well. As mentioned earlier, many of the PROvantage products can be extruded down to 0°F and upwards of 110°F. These products are formulated for all weather conditions to service all markets and many different applications.

Your PROvantage products do not contain rubber, does that affect product performance?

Not at all. Rubber does not serve as the adhesive and does not make an adhesive bond. In addition, rubber has a tendency to oxidize (become brittle) over time. All PROvantage adhesives do not contain rubber – they are based on an advanced polymer technology. To further illustrate this point, our WeatherMaster™ sealant does not contain rubber and still outperforms other leading rubber based sealants. Just because a product contains rubber does not mean it offers superior adhesion properties.

The PROvantage Subfloor product appears to “skin over” quickly after it is applied. Does this affect overall open time or bond strength?

No, you will get the same open time as traditional solvent based adhesives. Also, the quick skinning will not have a negative affect on bonding characteristics. In fact, this minimizes the chance of “splattering”*, giving you maximum performance & superior strength development.

* When an adhesive ‘splatters’ during the installation, it leaves a smaller bead than its original form, resulting in decreased bond strength and possible floor squeaks.

How will the product hold up over time?

As a leader in the construction adhesive industry for nearly 60 years, the respected Titebond brand has always delivered superior-quality, durable formulations. PROvantage is no exception. We have exhausted all internal/external testing procedures, including AFG-01 and ASTM 3498 on many of them, to ensure that these products will perform as stated.

In addition, the base polymer technology is similar in many respects to technology we've produced and marketed for similar applications for many decades. The major difference is the carrier system, which required a long period of development and testing. We are confident that this technology will stand the test of time

Why is the color / smell different?

Again, PROvantage is the result of a brand new polymer technology – a PATENT PENDING technology. Any difference in product color is simply the combination of unique materials being blended together. Any difference in smell is simply generated from a unique solvent blend not utilized in all solvent-based adhesives.

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