Titebond 670 Resilient Flooring Adhesive

Titebond® 670 provides a strong and permanent bond on heavy traffic areas including commercial, institutional and industrial installations. It is durable against solid, foamed vinyl and rubber backed tile, LVT, sheet goods and cork underlayment. It may be used for indoor installations over standard construction surfaces, and it has no unpleasant or lingering odor.

Titebond 670 does not contain volatile solvents, hazardous materials or carcinogens, and it will not promote plasticizer migration. It is guaranteed against discoloration of vinyl sheet goods and is non-flammable and non-toxic. Titebond 670 provides the professional installer with a fast setting, water-resistant and environmentally-safe adhesive.

  • Designed for LVT, solid vinyl tile & rubber flooring
  • Strong permanent bond
  • Fast setting
  • Does not promote plasticizer migration
  • Can be rolled for pressure sensitive installs

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Revised August 2016

Product Features

Physical Properties

Type Latex Calculated VOC 41.92 g/L
Color Beige Flashpoint > 200°F.(Pensky-Martin Closed Cup)
Solids 71% Freeze/thaw Stability Stable (5 cycles at 20°F.)
Viscosity Trowel grade Storage Life 24 months in tightly closed containers.
Weight Per Gallon 10.4 lbs.


Trowel recommendations and coverage
LVT and rubber flooring
  • Trowel Size - 1/16" Square-notch
  • Coverage - 150 Sq. ft. per gallon
 Square Tooth
Cork underlayment
  • Trowel Size - 1/16" Square-notch
  • Coverage - 150 Sq. ft. per gallon
 Square Tooth
LVT/Pressure sensitive
  • Trowel Size - 1/16" X 1/32" X 5/64" U-notch
  • Coverage - 250 to 300 Sq. ft. per gallon
 U-notch trowel

 Nap Roller
  • Nap Size - 3/8" Nap
  • Coverage - 150 to 200 Sq. ft. per gallon

Application Guidelines

Subfloor Preparation All substrates must be clean, dry, structurally sound, properly cured and free of dirt, oil, paint, old adhesive, wax, sealers and curing agents. General scouring with 20 grit or #3 1/2 open-coat sandpaper will remove most compounds. All loose materials must be vacuumed from the surface after scouring. The subfloor must be flat to a tolerance of 3/16” in a 10’ radius. Grinding concrete floors is preferred over the use of filling compounds. If filling/flattening compounds are used, they must be Portland-based cementitious material and have a compressive strength equal to or greater than 3000 psi when cured. When using cementitious materials, they must be rated for the moisture content in the concrete slab. Always use the highest rated materials for moisture because the moisture levels will change. Consult the cementitious manufacturer’s application directions. Use of Titebond 670 over lightweight concrete and all gypsum-based materials requires the use of acrylic-based concrete primer or equivalent prior to application of adhesive.

Installation: Wet Lay Method - Porous Substrates Open time is between 10 and 30 minutes. Adhesive must transfer to backing in order to promote adhesion. Employ a 100 pound roller in both directions within one hour of installation to work out any air pockets and produce solid bonding. It is recommended to use water to remove adhesive spots, and clean tools when adhesive is still wet. Removal of dry adhesive may require mineral spirits or other solvents. Follow solvent manufacturer’s safety precautions.

Installation: Pressure Sensitive Method - Non-Porous Substrates When using a 3/8” nap, coverage will be approximately 150 – 200 square feet per gallon, depending on the amount of pressure used to apply the adhesive. The adhesive offers adequate strength to bond an LVT floor as a pressure sensitive when given up to 72 hours of open time. Allow adhesive to dry until a firm touch does not transfer adhesive. Keep the adhesive free from dust and dirt during long open times. Dust and dirt will negatively affect strength.

When using a 1/16 x 1/32 x 1/32 trowel, coverage will be approximately 250 to 300 sq. ft. per gallon. Spread adhesive and let it become dry to touch, where there is no transfer to fingers. This will take approximately 35-90 minutes depending on temperature and humidity. Do not install floor before adhesive is ready. Installing product too soon can lead to slippage and gaps between pieces. Install LVT per manufacturer’s directions with no more than three hours of open time.

Cleanup Wet adhesive can easily be cleaned up with a cloth dampened with water. If the adhesive has dried, use a cloth dampened with mineral spirits. Follow solvent manufacturer’s directions when working with solvents and other flammable materials. For specific cleaning instructions, call Franklin International Technical Service at 1.800.347.4583

CAUTION: Do not sand, scour or abrade any material that is suspected of containing asbestos fibers. Asbestos is known to cause cancer. Federal law requires that asbestos be handled by a licensed and certified hazardous materials contractor.


MOISTURE CONTENT LIMITATIONS: Concrete subfloors should be tested for moisture prior to installation. Moisture levels cannot be greater than 8 lbs./1000sq.ft./24 hours on a Calcium Chloride Test (ASTM F1869), or relative humidity (RH) of 90% or less when tested with an in situ probe (ASTM F2170). When installing directly over wood subfloors the moisture content of the subfloor should be 13% or less. Installation over single-layer wood subfloors is not recommended.

LIMITATIONS: Do not use over high alkaline concrete (over 9.0 pH). Do not use to bond two non-porous substrates unless using pressure sensitive method. Product must dry to build strength. Do not store below freezing. Use in well-ventilated area. Warranty covers subfloor moisture resistance but does not cover damage from flooding or other surface moisture contamination.

Download Titebond 670 warranty information

Caution Statements

WARNING: EYE AND SKIN IRRITANT. Do not swallow. Do not allow eye contact or prolonged skin contact. FIRST AID:If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, contact physician. If eye contact occurs, flush eyes with water for 15 minutes. Wash skin contact areas with soap and water. If irritation from eye or skin contact areas persist, contact physician. For additional information, refer to Safety Data Sheet.

Ordering Information

Part No.SizeWeightUPCCase UPCUnits Per PackagePackages Per Pallet
92444 Gallon Plastic Pail43.74037083092448 136
9246Gallon Plastic Pail45.00037083092462 430

Important Notice: Our recommendations, if any, for the use of this product are based on tests believed to be reliable. Since the use of this product is beyond the control of the manufacturer, no guarantee or warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to such use or effects incidental to such use, handling or possession or the results to be obtained, whether in accordance with the directions or claimed so to be. The manufacturer expressly disclaims responsibility therefore. Furthermore, nothing contained herein shall be construed as a recommendation to use any product in conflict with existing laws and/or patents covering any material or use.
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