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The Titebond commitment to “green” adhesives

Dedicated to leading the industry with environmentally superior adhesives.

Since the 80 ’s Titebond® has been dedicated to leading the industry with environmentally superior adhesives. Titebond was the first to develop a solvent-free construction adhesive line and the first to pass AFG-01, in 1989. In addition, our environmental offering has expanded to include urethanes and VOC-compliant products. Our green product line has grown significantly to include construction adhesives, wood glues, caulks & sealants, flooring adhesives and specialty adhesives.

Today, GREENchoice™ Adhesives represent Titebond’s commitment to sustainability. Through our experience, superior products and dedication, we have created the industry’s most complete line of green adhesives.


Over 20 years experience in developing and manufacturing green building adhesives means that we are dedicated to the future of environmental sustainability. As a pioneer in environmentally friendly glues and adhesives, Franklin offers one of the industry’s most complete lines of VOC-compliant, urethane and solvent-free products.


We believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to building green. That’s why we developed Titebond GREENchoice™ Adhesives. We believe that no matter how tough the job, the solution should exceed your expectations. That is why we have spent 20 years developing and refining our environmentally friendly technology to provide maximum performance for every application.


Titebond GREENchoice™ Adhesives offer the most complete line in the industry. From construction adhesives, wood glues, caulks and sealants to flooring adhesives, GREENchoice™ is the only product line that can offer a one-stop solution for green building adhesives.


Titebond is quick to respond to changing market needs. Not only do we manufacture most of our products at our Columbus, Ohio headquarters, but we also develop the polymers that go into our adhesives. This means that we can assure quality and consistency from product formulation to final packaging.

Our large team of researchers, PhDs and chemists are constantly discovering new technologies that will improve usability, durability and sustainability. Because our research, development and manufacturing are in a central location, we are able to bring new solutions to the marketplace faster than our competition and backed by better quality control.

We continue to develop superior performance products that make living and working environments safer and healthier. As the industry leader, we believe it is important to do what’s right, and that’s why we developed GREENchoice™ Adhesives.


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