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Video Spotlight: Properly Machined Mating Surfaces

Jim Heavey explains how properly machined mating surfaces help ensure a good glue bond. Read More»

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Video Spotlight: What's the difference?

Addressing FAQs about Titebond Original, Titebond II and Titebond III Read More»

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Titebond’s New Look Says It All. In Seconds.

Titebond Wood Glues have a whole new look. See how the enhanced label and carton give you the info you need at a glance. Read More»

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Video Spotlight: Clamping Pressure

Jim Heavey discusses proper clamp pressure. Read More»

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Small rollers come up big as glue spreaders

Strong glue joints begin with a uniform and sufficient layer of glue on mating surfaces. Read More»

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A few dabs will do when stack-cutting parts at the scrollsaw

For quickly, cleanly, and painlessly holding stacked parts together prior to scrollsawing them, add small dabs of hot-melt glue well outside of the pattern areas. Read More»

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Two glues work better than one when attaching many small pieces

When you need to attach a lot of small wood pieces, clamps just aren’t practical. At those times, try… Read More»

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The best clamp pads are the ones you make yourself

Most bar and pipe clamps come with plastic pads to prevent marring the object being clamped. Inevitably those pads fall off, get lost, or become damaged. To make your own… Read More»

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A pencil mark ensures perfect plug alignment

Wood plugs look best when their grain aligns with the grain surrounding them. To ensure that, mark a pencil line… Read More»

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