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Titebond Adds Two Essential Tools to Wood Glue Line

Easy-to-clean Titebrush features 100% silicone bristles plus a paddle end for small joints and moldings. Titewrap is a stretchable tape for clamping wood projects, including irregular joints or hard-to-clamp pieces. It adheres only to itself and won’t stick to or damage wood. Read More»

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Video Spotlight: Using Titebond III on an Outdoor Project

Waterproof characteristics make Titebond III a great choice for projects such as this outdoor planter. Read More»

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Video Spotlight: Avoiding Clamp Stains

Marlen Kemmett, master woodworker and instructor, provides tips and suggestions on how to avoid pipe clamp glue stains. Read More»

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Titebond’s New Look Says It All. In Seconds.

Titebond Wood Glues have a whole new look. See how the enhanced label and carton give you the info you need at a glance. Read More»

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Titebond® Introduces “Next Big Thing” to the Professional Woodworking Industry at IWF 2014

New 2-Gallon PROJUG™ offers professional woodworkers and others who use larger quantities of wood glue the convenience of the one-gallon Titebond jug in a custom-designed two-gallon container that is easy to use. Read More»

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Video Spotlight: What's the difference?

Addressing FAQs about Titebond Original, Titebond II and Titebond III Read More»

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How to Store Your Wood Glue for Longer Life

“Refrigerate after opening,” and you maximize the shelf life of perishable food. The same goes with a bottle of Titebond glue: Store it correctly – and that could be in a refrigerator – and it can perform well beyond the stated shelf life. Read More»

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Need technical assistance?

Common gluing terms, Q & A’s, application tips and product overviews all at your fingertips. Read More»

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Understanding the Big Three

Woodworkers know one thing for sure: They want to use Titebond wood glue. But which one of the big three – Titebond Original, Titebond II or Titebond III? Read More»

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