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2017 News Releases

New Titebond Ultimate TiteGrab Construction Adhesive Quickly Grabs Heavy Items

Developed to accelerate installation time of vertical applications, Titebond’s newest construction adhesive has a powerful initial vertical grab that is twice as strong as most other adhesives. It quickly holds even heavy items, often reducing or eliminating the need for bracing. Read More»

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Fast Grab FRP Adhesive Introduced in 28-Ounce Cartridge with Easy Application Tool

In addition to pail sizes of Fast Grab, Titebond now is offering the adhesive in 28-ounce cartridges for smaller FRP installations. The cartridge includes an attachable application to simplify and ensure precise application. Read More»

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Titebond Adds Two Essential Tools to Wood Glue Line

Easy-to-clean Titebrush features 100% silicone bristles plus a paddle end for small joints and moldings. Titewrap is a stretchable tape for clamping wood projects, including irregular joints or hard-to-clamp pieces. It adheres only to itself and won’t stick to or damage wood. Read More»

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Titebond® Expands Sealant Line with New Multipurpose Textured Product

WeatherMaster™ Ultimate MP Textured Sealant blends in with rough and course surfaces such as stucco and brick. It adheres to most construction materials, extrudes in temperatures as low as 0° F, is paintable and neither shrinks once cured nor discolors or cracks over time. Read More»

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