GREENchoice™ Product Selector

The GREENchoice Product Selector will help you find products that cover every repair, remodeling and construction need. This interactive home displays all common application areas and provides you solutions that are environmentally friendly. Simply click on the room of the house to find a list of applications and green products we recommend for use. For more information on a product, click on the product photo.

Solid Countertop Installation
GREENchoice Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive

General Installation & Repairs
GREENchoice Projects & Repairs

Cove Base Installation
GREENchoice Professional Cove Base Adhesive

Tile Installation
• Titebond Solvent Free Indoor/Outdoor Carpet & Tile Adhesive

Vinyl Tile Installation
Titebond Solvent Free Clear Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Cabinet Making
Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue


Sink Installation
• Titebond Kitchen & Bath Sealant
• 100% Silicone


FRP Tile Installation
Titebond FRP Adhesive



GREENchoice Projects & Repair Adhesive is an ideal general purpose adhesive for many projects around the kitchen, and a longer working time allows for precise placement.