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New X-Treme Foams

Our New Foam Sealants Take

Performance to the Extreme.

Introducing the new X-TREME line of foam sealants and accessories.

Construction pros demand exceptional performance in the products they use on the job site. Titebond's offering a new line of WeatherMaster X-TREME foam sealants that meets their performance needs. Our one-component polyurethane foams help do the job faster, in just about any temperature, using less product to make a stronger seal.

The X-TREME line includes three different foams - multi-purpose, window & door and fireblock - plus a heavy-duty dispenser gun and a multi-purpose cleaner. Our robust foams out-perform others in all the ways that count:

  • 3X the expansion for higher volume, more coverage 

  • Set in just five minutes 

  • Cure in X-TREME temperatures, from 0°F to 100°F 

  • Flexible seal won't dry out over time 

  • 18-month shelf life exceeds the industry norm 

  • GreenGuard Gold Certified

The X-TREME Lineup

X-TREME equips contractors to meet most sealing needs across renovation and construction projects. All foams are available after June 6th in both 12-ounce (straw application only) and 24-ounce (gun application only) cans. Listed underneath are the detailed sales sheets for each foam product (click to download and save the PDF).

  • X-TREME Multi-purpose Foam seals and fills small cracks and voids, creating a barrier against noise, moisture and air infiltration.

  • X-TREME Window & Door Foam is a closed-cell, low-pressure build foam that complies with AAMA 812 and will not bow or distort windows or doors. Formulated for maximum moisture- and mold-resistance.

  • X-TREME Fireblock Foam seals, fills, bonds and stops air infiltration in areas that require a fireblock product. Triple expansion more effectively obstructs flames and smoke in concealed penetrations and prevents flame spread. Inspectors immediately identify the orange foam as an approved fireblock for Type V residential construction.

  • X-TREME Dispenser Gun is an intermediate dispensing unit designed for frequent use with the 24-ounce can of foam sealants. It lets the contractor control the bead size for higher yield.

  • X-TREME Multi-Purpose Cleaner dissolves uncured foam by flushing the gun to keep it clean and operable and works as a general-purpose cleaner.

For more information about our complete X-TREME Foam product offering:


Products will be available to order after June 6, 2016. 

For more information on X-TREME products, contact your Titebond representative.

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